strategies work,
coherence and
getting things


What are your mission, goals and strategy as an organization?
What does that require from your HR strategy, culture, people, organization design and leadership?
And how could the required change and development be designed and facilitated?

Clarifying this together and converting it into actions and results, forms the basis of my work as a consultant and project leader.

I connect drive and enthusiasm with pragmatism
and perspective. My style is characterized by others
as being involved with people and organizations, combined with result orientation,
analysis and the ability to create
overview and coherence.

As a consultant and project leader, I help organizations with challenges concerning strategic HRM, talent management and organization development.

My additional roles as a trainer, lecturer and author keep me professionally sharp on content and skills.

Consultant and Project Leader

Advice, research, development (of strategy and instruments) and project management within business, education, healthcare and government.

Trainer and Process Facilitator

Training, process guidance and team development of (international) groups and (management) teams.


Program development, lecturing, student supervision and assessment for various master’s and post-bachelor’s programs.


Publication of (Dutch and English) books, articles and interviews with experts in my field.

Addressing issues together with clients, based on my belief and experience that ‘hard’ (strategy, structure, processes and systems) and ‘soft’ (culture, learning, development and change) are inextricably linked and should reinforce each other.

Strategic talent management in motion

Talent management in the Netherlands must also be able to sail strategically close to the wind. This book gives a boost to the strategic level of the talent practice. Organizations are failing strategically with a generic talent management approach, aimed at every employee. Starting from everyone’s talent, growth and development is necessary, but strategically absolutely insufficient. How do you get from ‘generic’ talent management to strategic talent management? This book answers that question. This distinguishes it from other publications on talent management.

Organizations are increasingly being set up differently than before. Agility plays a leading role in this. This book describes a clear, strategic approach to talent management in which strategy and talent are linked transparently but also very fluidly.


The Halo Effect

Interview with Phil Rosenzweig

Strategic talent management

Creating strategic value by placing top talents in key positions

Strategic talent development

Making the best people in crucial positions better